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Wahoo framing, drainage, and waterproofing decking options span structure and surface.

Wahoo Decks has both decking surface and decking structural solutions for waterproofing your outdoor living area. We also offer factory-assembled complete balconies for multi-family projects and/or commercial buildings and establishments.

Decking Surface ProductsAridDek | Fortis | Rockwood Thermo-Wood

With our decking products, your outdoor living surface can be customized to fit your and preferences.

From wood decking surface options like our new Rockwood™ Timber, to our extremely durable and low-maintenance decking solution, Fortis™, your decking surface search ends here. Wahoo has you covered!

Deck Railing / FinishingWahoo Rail | Wahoo Glass Rail

Ensure the finishing touch of your deck and outdoor living area demonstrates attention to quality & detail.

Complementing a deck’s overall appearance or any outdoor landscape, Wahoo Rail and Wahoo Glass Rail are railing systems that are beautiful and low-maintenance deck railing options. Your Wahoo Rail will not rot, splinter or lose reliability over time.

Engineered Excellence

Products that last longer with less maintenance save you money

At Wahoo Decks, we believe in creating and delivering quality decking products that reduce deck maintenance needs and expenses, while also being long-lasting and durable.

This is what has made us the leader in quality – yet affordable – aluminum and wood decking and decking products. We have carried these same principles over into Wahoo Rail as well, providing top quality metal and glass railing as the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor living area.

Stunning Results

Uncompromised quality. Unmatched style.

Look what we can do...


Framing - Drainage - Waterproofing


Decking Surface Products / Framing - Drainage - Waterproofing


Framing - Drainage - Waterproofing

Wahoo Complete

Multifamily / Wahoo Complete - Balconies


Decking Surface Products


Decking Surface Products

Wahoo Rail


Wahoo Glass Rail


Don't Settle.

Our products are carefully designed to not only look good...but to last.

Whether you’ve already decided Wahoo Decks products are what you’re looking for or if you just want to learn more – we’re here to help. Reach out to us today!

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