How DryJoistEZ™ Works

Finished Ceiling - Waterproof Below


DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking is comprised of only two SKU’s—a main board and a multi-board. When assembled, the system creates a finished deck ceiling, a waterproof below deck area, and the deck structure and frame – all in one application. Made of marine-grade, precision-extruded aluminum, the system is strong enough to replace the need for conventional wood joists and is impervious to rot, insects, mildew, and fire.

24' Marine Grade Aluminum Planks w/ 2 Waterproof Channels


The DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking multi-board serves double duty as the start board and finish board of the system. A cut line is extruded into the board for an easy cutting guide. The board is cut on this line to create the start board.

DryJoistEZ is extruded from marine-grade aluminum into planks 24 feet long that include 5″ water channels on each plank. These water channels run uninterrupted the entire length of DryJoistEZ so there is no need for gaskets, seals or silicone sealants.

Hook and Hook Receiver Side-by-Side Design


The DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking main board is the most common board of the system. With a ‘hook’ and ‘hook receiver’ design, the main board can be neighbored beside other profiles repeatedly to create a deck and dry space as wide as desired.

Fastening Planes for Easy Installation


The DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking multi-boards and main boards have fastening planes incorporated in the profiles for easy installation of deck boards. Deck boards have this fastening plane and deck board support every six inches. The traditional method of laying joists 12 or 16 inches on center to support the deck boards is now a thing of the past. DryJoistEZ planks are capable of spanning six feet on center on a single span and eight feet on center on a multi-span, eliminating the need for all of the extra joists.

Powder-Coated Finish That Can Be Painted


The underside of DryJoistEZ™ waterproof decking boards are precision extruded with grooves so that when the planks are interlocked they create a finished deck ceiling with a beadboard pattern. Each plank is powder-coated with a protective finish that can be used as either the final coat or the base coat if another color is desired.

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