Wahoo Complete™ Options

Custom Designed & Fabricated

Wahoo Complete™ is available with multiple deck & rail options

Wahoo Complete™ total multifamily balcony systems are custom designed and fabricated to fit each project. The balcony system is available with multiple deck surface options, with or without waterproofing.

Waterproof Option


For a multifamily balcony waterproof decking solution:
AridDek™ Aluminum Decking eliminates the need for additional under-deck systems or waterproof substructures. AridDek is an all-in-one walking surface that allows for a dry area under a deck.

Watertight Option


If you need a watertight multifamily balcony and decking system:
DryJoist™ or DryJoistEZ™ Structural Deck Drainage System provides the freedom to build a custom deck surface, using whatever decking you desire, and creates a completely waterproof decking system. The deck’s surface is supported by the same system that creates a dry space under deck in the area below.

A Closer Look...


Here’s a closer look at the DryJoist™ watertight decking option structure. This is one of your options for your Wahoo Complete™ multifamily total balcony system.

A Non-Watertight Decking Option


Fortis™ aluminum deck board deck surface option   –   with a hidden fastener system   –   creates a low-maintenance deck walking surface.

Finishing: Picket Railing

Wahoo Complete Balcony System Picket Railing

Finishing out a deck’s overall appearance, choose from Wahoo Rail™ Picket Railing or Wahoo Rail™ Glass Panel Railing.

Wahoo Rail Picket Railing is an aluminum deck rail system that is low-maintenance and easy to install.

Finishing: Glass Picket Railing


Wahoo Glass Rail™ Panel Railing is built to last with tempered glass panels that enhance the view from any deck or balcony. Glass Panel Railing is available in two beautiful tints: Pure or Twilight.

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