Why Wahoo Decks?

we deliver best-in-class decking materials that are engineered to last including aluminum decking and deck railing for premier outdoor living spaces

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At Wahoo Decks, we pride ourselves on offering the best aluminum decking, aluminum railing, glass deck railing and other top-quality decking materials, engineered for excellence...

When you are choosing your deck design or making your deck plans, you want your outdoor living area to be an extension of your home. That’s why you have every right to expect your deck to reflect a similar level of quality construction and durability.


AridDek aluminum decking boards from Wahoo

Aluminum decking for a surface approach to waterproofing an exterior deck or balcony with a nearly maintenance-free, aesthetic pleasing, finished appearance


DryJoistEZ structural deck drainage system - waterproof aluminum decking

DryJoistEZ™ waterproofing decking system is a patented structural deck drainage option that eliminates the need for a traditional joist and creates a 100% waterproof deck structure for your decking surface


Fortis interlocking aluminum decking boards

Low maintenance, high-traffic, aluminum decking board surface system with a tongue and groove installation design and finished appearance


Wahoo commercial aluminum decking systems with balcony - formerly Wahoo Complete

A total pre-fabricated multifamily decking / balcony package with railing, substructure framing, & Wahoo aluminum decking in one comprehensive solution


Wahoo rail - aluminum deck railing with optional glass panels

Non-compromising premium aluminum deck railing with a powder-coated finish or available with clear or tinted glass panels for an upgraded polished appearance

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Why Aluminum Decking?

Aluminum decking is a strong, durable, low-maintenance, and environmentally-friendly decking material.

Tired of scrubbing, painting, and re-sealing your deck? Frustrated with the cracking, chipping, and peeling of your deck’s surface? Aluminum decking is a very low-maintenance decking material that requires no re-sealing or painting and won’t ever chip crack or peel. Aluminum is also an environmentally-friendly decking material option. The aluminum we use is about 50% recycled material. And even though aluminum is a (lightweight, high-strength) metal, since it reflects much of its heat, it stays cool to the touch. Your feet will be no warmer when you walk across your deck barefoot on a hot summer day than if you were strolling on the beach with no shoes on in early Spring.

Our Story

Wahoo Decks happened into the decking market as a by-product of our long standing sister company, Wahoo Docks. Wahoo Docks is the nation’s largest residential and commercial aluminum boat dock and marina manufacturer. Wahoo Docks developed AridDek, an aluminum deck product, many years ago to complement its low maintenance, long-lasting extruded aluminum boat docks. As Wahoo used AridDek on more and more docks, it became more broadly appreciated and its appeal for home decking applications began to blossom. As growth in the market for alternatives to treated lumber has grown, so has the growth in demand for aluminum decking. It’s significant, unique-feature benefits are ideal for many applications and the proven long-term durability of metal decks in harsh conditions, such as our boat dock applications, has created a loyal consumer base.

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Why Wahoo?

You can trust Wahoo Decks for quality and safety in all of our deck products. Our marine-grade aluminum used in our aluminum decking options, can withstand some of natures harshest conditions because it is fire resistant, termite-proof, won’t warp, crack, split or splinter and is unaffected by water. Because of this, our products are used in all manners of applications including roofs, decks, docks and pontoon boats, to name a few.


Decking Surface Products / Framing - Drainage - Waterproofing


Framing - Drainage - Waterproofing

Wahoo Complete

Multifamily / Wahoo Complete - Balconies


Decking Surface Products


Decking Surface Products

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Wahoo Glass Rail


Rooftop Applications


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